GroVia vs Pampers vs Huggie's: Diapers Compared
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GroVia vs Pampers vs Huggie's: Diapers Compared

GroVia has a hybrid cloth approach to diapers that focuses on reusability and eco-friendliness. This approach is also flexible since you can combine the shell with any number of pads. Pampers has many options for fighting irritation such as aloe vera. Huggies is the cheapest option for disposable diapers, and they also boast the most absorbancy.
Covered in this report
GroVia — Best Features
Biodegradable organic cotton soaker pads are a disposable option that's eco-friendly.
Hybrid cloth diapers are available for the eco-conscious.
Best for: The eco-friendly who want to try using cloth diapers.
Best deal: Free Shipping on Orders $100+ - [activate coupon]
Pampers — Best Features
40,000 reviews or more on some diaper products through the site.
Anti-irritation ingredients like aloe vera extract.
Best for: Those looking to cut down on irritation in diapers as much as possible.
Best deal: Amazon Sale - Save Up to 40% Off Pampers - [activate coupon]
Huggie's — Best Features
Diapers often cost as little as 17 cents each in packs.
12-hour leak protection available on snug and dry diapers.
Best for: Those looking to get the cheapest price per diaper.
Best deal: Save Up to 40% at Huggie's Amazon Store - [activate coupon]

It’s a fact that not all diaper brands are created equal. Different diapers perform differently under varying conditions. Here are a few major diapers on the market including how they compare against one another.


GroVia focuses on modern cloth diapers. In particular, they use something called “hybrid cloth diapers.”You can learn about the hybrid system on the site. There are plenty of other options for getting help as well such as the 1-877-899-Baby phone number, or the live chat link in the top right corner.


  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $100-If you buy enough diapers to get over $100, they will ship to you for free.
  • Hybrid Cloth Diapers-There’s plenty of information about the hybrid cloth system on the site if you don’t know anything about this already. This includes a video demonstrating it. You have a cloth shell, and then you have a cloth soaker pad that you wash and reuse.
  • Biodegradable Soaker Pads-If you want to use something disposable for the soaker pad part of the diaper, GroVia has a number of organic options such as the organic Cotton Soaker Pad.
  • Bamboo Prefold Diapers-If you want an eco-friendly prefold diaper, these are also available in bamboo.



Pampers is an easy site to navigate since you can just put your cursor over “baby” and then hit “diapers” to go right to that section.  


  • A+ BBB Rating-If you anticipate needing to contact the site about diapers questions, it can help to know that Pampers has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in Cincinnati. This indicates they have few complaints relative to their size, and a high rating for clearing complaints.
  • Fit Variety-Pampers has a number of different diapers for different age ranges including, babies, toddlers and everything in between.
  • Extensive Articles on Diaper Topics-If you look for the “baby” heading on the main page, you can read a number of articles on the topic if you need some help deciding what to get.
  • Large Number of Reviews-Many of the products on the site are reviewed by a large number of people so you can get a good sense of what people think. For example, the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers product has more than 40,000 reviews on the site.
  • Scroll Through Different Stores for Best Price-You can get a list of all the different stores that sell the diaper you’re looking at through the site so you can choose the one that has them available at the lowest price, or even visit that store in person.



Huggies seems big on loyalty since they have an extensive loyalty program right at the top of their main page. This includes double point sales, getting 50 points for signing up and other options.  This disposable diaper site also has discount features like free shipping for orders over $35. Huggies also has videos for each diaper so you can see how they work yourself.


  • 12 Hour Leak Protection-You can get 12 hours of leak protection with products like the Snug & Dry diapers. This is sometimes called the “Leak Lock” system, to make sure that the child stays dry no matter what.
  • Low Prices at 17 Cents Per Diaper-The Snug & Dry diapers in the big 100+ pack end up only costing around 17 cents per diaper so it works well for those who really need to save as much money as they can.
  • Special Designs-You can get designs that have Disney characters on them if you want. The full-size ratios include Size 1 to Size 6, which spans between newborn babies to toddlers that weigh more than 35 pounds.


Head to Head

Diaper Features

GroVia diverges from the norm by having cloth diapers as opposed to the other more common approaches which include plastic. But these are actually hybrid cloth diapers, focusing on being more earth friendly. This works by having a cloth soaker pad that you can wash, along with a reusable shell. Or, you can use a biodegradable soaker pad option that you can dispose. You can also mix and match different soaker pads at different levels of absorbency with the cloth shell in order to get more flexibility. The Stay Dry is the option you should use for the most absorbency, for example. The Organic Cotton works better if you’re worried more about comfort. All of the diapers have elastic leg gussets as well.

Pampers has a lot of options for finding the lowest price for their disposable diapers, but each of them also has extra features like an umbilical cord notch, a wetness indicator that changes colors when it’s time to change the diaper, and ingredients that help with irritation like aloe barbadensis leaf extract. GroVia is probably more absorbent because it has extra layers, but Pampers is definitely cheaper and more convenient.

Huggies boasts the most when it comes to absorbency with their snug & dry system that is said to contain leaks for at least 12 hours. They may have the most absorbancy for the disposable diapers.

Overall, those who want to go the cloth diaper route will want GroVia since this is their specialty. It’s also the best route for those who want to be environmentally friendly. Huggies and Pampers use primarily disposable diapers, and this is going to end up with a lot of plastic in landfills. Those more concerned with absorbency will like Huggies, and those who like aloe vera and other extra ingredients for combatting irritation will like Pampers.


A prefold cloth diaper goes for around $17 at GroVia. A trial kit with shell cloth pad and 3 disposable biodegradable pads  is $20.

Pampers costs $28 for a pack for 128 disposable diapers. Generally, the Pampers site just has info about them, they seem to refer you to other sites for actually buying them.

Ultra Dry diapers for Huggies go for around $19 for a pack of 112 in size 1. This comes out to around 17 cents per diaper which is one of the cheapest rates.

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Huggie's Coupon: Save Up to 40% at Huggie's Amazon Store - Activate
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