Cloth Diaper Services Compared: Grovia, Softbums, Flip and Thirsties
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Cloth Diaper Services Compared: Grovia, Softbums, Flip and Thirsties

The four diaper systems of Grovia, Soft Bums, Flip and Thirsties have similarities. All four have waterproof outer layers for multiple use wearing and easy cleaning. All have diapers that 'grow with baby', and all are eco-friendly. Thirsties brand is more eco-friendly since it does not offer a disposable insert alternative. Grovia comes in second when it comes to ecological concerns. It offers a disposable insert, that is biodegradeable and meets composting standards. All four brands are attractive, but Flip brands do not have print patterns, which gives the other three brands a cute factor lead.
Covered in this report
GroVia — Best Features
Hybrid diapers provide parents with a choice of disposable or cloth in one design. Eco-friendly-water-proof cloth diaper can be worn multiple times between washes.
Snap designs allow the hybrid diapers to 'grow' with baby from 8 pounds up to 35 pounds. Free shipping on orders above $100.00. Products have a 100% warranty with proof of purchase for a year post purchase.
Best for: Eco-friendly parents and consumers wishing to save money by avoiding the cost of disposable diapers while experiencing similar ease of use in an eco-friendly cloth alternative
Best deal: Free Shipping on Orders $100+ - [activate coupon]
Soft Bums — Best Features
Range of fit is greater than other brands and fits babies between five pounds to 35 pounds, which makes it more exlusively a one size fits all diaper brand.
Calendar Bums, diapers which are offered in limited edition colors and patterns, 365 day warranty. Only sells non-disposable products
Best for: Ecologically conscious parents who wish to only use a cloth diapering system, but want the changing convenience that accompanies the Soft Bums brand that features the patented Slide2Size adjustment.
Flip Diapers — Best Features
Offers a cloth and disposable choice in a one size fits all diaper. One year warranty.
Worldwide distributors, Manufactures training pants as well as diapers
Best for: Parents looking for a one step solution between diapering and potty training
Thirsties Baby — Best Features
All in One Diaper, Inserts have anti microbial properties.
Accomodates babies as small as six pounds and up to 40 pounds-five pounds heavier than the other brands. Two sizes will take baby from birth to potty training.
Best for: Parents that are completely opposed to using throw away diapers and wish only to purchase from a company that does not make disposables an option.


The Grovia brand diaper incorporates the positive attributes of both cloth and disposables, allowing ecologically conscious parents the convenience of a disposable and an organic cloth diaper. It is also a great choice for cost conscious parents, since the non-disposable inserts and outer shells are reusable and can even be passed down to the next baby.

The Grovia diapering system includes a waterproof diaper shell, which can be laundered, and a choice of absorbent organic cotton inserts which also can be laundered.

One of the Grovia diaper system inserts is biodegradable and meets composting standards. The biodegradable insert is especially convenient when parents do not have access to a washing machine, when on vacation for instance. 

One Size Fits All 

Diapers are designed with snaps so that the diaper grows with the baby. One-size Hybrid GroVia diapers fit most babies that are between 8 to 35 pounds. The outer shell has a waterproof design and can be worn multiple times between washings. The closure is designed with a hook and loop feature for a snug tummy fit.

Grovia diapers presents parents with several choices.

  • The Grovia shell comes in multiple colors and is interchangeable with either disposable or cloth inner layers.
  • Absorbency layers are made up of organic cotton cloth or of disposable material; the disposable layer does not have snaps but utilizes adhesives for attachment and disposal.

Newborn Diaper

While Grovia's diapers are one-size fits all, the company also has a diaper that is especially designed for newborn babies. The cut of the diaper is trim and the material from which it is manufactured is very soft. The newborn diaper has a sewn in soaker pad rather than a snap in pad. The sewn in pad is better for a newborns comfort rather than a snap that might rub the baby the wrong way.

Grovia claims it can save money for parents who choose its diapering system over purchasing strictly disposable diapers or old-fashioned cloth diapers. The Grovia website charts the cost of all three-assuming a baby potty trains before three years old. See below.

The Grovia Diapering System is sold on-line and in brick and mortar retail stores and has three size settings; Newborn/small, Infant, and Toddler.

Grovia Diaper Care

All of the designs can be laundered at home. However, Grovia has a litany of recommendations that must be followed to ensure the consumer's warranty is not negated.

For maximum efficiency, Grovia diapers and cloth inserts should be laundered multiple times. Inserts will not reach maximum absorbency until they are washed in hot water, with detergent no less than ten times.

Shells and pods can be laundered together. The company recommends line drying for shells.

Grovia products are sold on-line and in brick and mortar stores throughout the United States and globally; including France, Australia, Canada and the UK.

Soft Bums 

Soft Bums also has a Hybrid diaper and claims its brand is the "trimmest one-size fits all available". The Soft Bums Hybrid fits babies that are five to thirty five pounds and the outer shell is waterproof. The reusable diaper design is similar to Grovia's Hybrid diaper design with a few exceptions.

Like Grovia, Soft Bums diapers, adjust to fit your baby and has a snap-in insert. Both have features that allow the diaper to 'grow with the baby'. However, the outer shell of the Soft Bums diaper does not feature snaps but is designed with a drawstring sewn within the pattern of the diaper, along the inner leg seams.

  • This Slide2Size feature is not found on other brands. The patented system incorporates a drawstring with a toggle, allowing the diaper changer to adjust the diaper to multiple sizes. The baby can be placed on the diaper while the drawstring is adjusted to fit legs that are x-small to x-large.
  • The Soft Bums insert, or pods, snap into the shell, but unlike the Grovia design, the Soft Bums design has only one snap, on one end of the diaper. What remains of the absorbent insert pod after snapping into the shell on one end, must be folded to the inside of the diaper, under the inner pad. This does not appear to be as efficient as the Grovia design that allows the insert to be snapped down in two places. The Soft Bums insert pod design would be more susceptible to slipping.
  • Pods are constructed with a microfiber inside and a hypoallergenic micro fleece that goes next to the baby's skin. A second pod is made of bamboo fleece.

Soft Bums claims that babies who wear its products experience 80% less rash than babies who wear disposable diapers.

Unlike Grovia, Soft Bums does not offer a disposable diaper insert.

Newborn Diaper

Soft Bums diapers accommodates smaller babies with a smaller size setting for than Grovia. The smallest weight requirement for Grovia babies is 8 pounds while Soft Bums design fits babies as small as 5 pounds. For this reason, Soft Bums is more true to the "one size fits all" claim.

Soft Bums has two waistband choices; snap closures or Velcro closures. The brand has two shell choices; the Echo and Omni shells differ only by name and seem to provide the same protection. The only difference is the Echo shell comes in nine different colors and the Omni has only six different colors.


Shells and pods can be purchased separately or in packages. The packages range in price with a starter kit costing a little more than $100.00, which includes 3 shells, six pods, and a waterproof diaper bag. The most expensive package includes nine shells, 18 pods and costs nearly $500.00.

Soft Bums Diaper Care

Soft Bums offers a 365-day warranty on all products. Like Grovia products, Soft Bums nullifies the warranty on products, which are not laundered according to specified instructions.

The company also allows returns on products which have been unused and unwashed.

Calendar Bums are diapers, which are sold in limited edition colors and patterns. The Soft Bums Company offers these each month.

Soft Bums Diapers are sold in brick and mortar stores throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Latvia and on-line.

Flip Diapers

The Flip Diapering System has a hybrid diaper that claims to be one size fits all. However, Flip diapers fit babies starting at seven pounds, rather than five, like the Soft Bums brand. The Flip diaper accommodates babies who weigh up to 35 pounds just as Grovia and Soft Bums. 

Flip claims to be the number one, best selling, one size fits all diaper sold in North America since its founding in 2005. The Flip diaper is designed with an outer one-size fits all cover which is available in eleven different colors and is designed with hook and loop "butterfly" tab closures. The inserts and outer layers can be laundered. 

The disposable insert is not biodegradable.

There are four varieties of absorbent inserts;

  • Stay Dry- 2 ultra-absorbent layers of microfiber and a suede cloth outer layer
  • Organic- for sensitive skin and promoting potty training, Organic inserts are made of 100% certified organic cotton.
  • Disposable- dye free, fragrance free, one size,
  • Overnights-ultra absorbent organic cotton

The Flip diapering system differs from Grovia and Soft Bums in that there is a whole lot of folding going on. Inserts are folded for maximum absorbency. Inserts are folded down to size and tucked behind. There are no adhesives or snaps to hold the inserts in place.

Newborn diapers

Flip newborn diapers are for babies that are 8 pounds or more. The outer insert layer is made of soft terry microfiber and a stay dry-suede cloth goes against baby's skin. The stay-dry insert layer is made of 100% polyester and the Stay-Dry Insert Absorbent Layer is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Flip diapers are warranted for one year from the date of purchase, with proof of purchase. The product in question must be sent to the Flip headquarters at the consumer’s expense.

Flip Diaper Care

Diapers must be washed three to five times before use in very hot water. The company informs consumers to wash its products with the company's detergent; bumgenius. Covers have to be line dried, while inserts can withstand the dryer. Unlike Soft Bums and Grovia, Flip Diapers can withstand a very minimum amount of bleach.

Like Soft Bums and Grovia, Flip diapers nullifies the warranty if the brand is not laundered according to the company's specifications.


Flip products are sold separately. There are no package deals. The product is not sold on-line through the Flip website, so cost comparisons must be made between stores that sell the product. The Flip diaper website has a list of retailers but does not list the price of products.

Flip diapers can be purchased in brick and mortar stores across the United States and in seven other countries and continents. Flip diapers are sold by Cotton Baby Inc., distributers.

The Flip design is not as impressive as Soft Bums and Grovia brand diapers. The inserts are less securely set inside the diapers without adhesives or snaps, which allows for slippage. Some inserts have to be folded and the shells are not sold in print patterns.

Flip diapers do sell training pants, unlike Grovia and Soft Bums.


The Thirsties brand cloth diapering system does not include a disposable alternative. Thirsties has two components. Like the three aforementioned companies, Thirsties has a waterproof alternative that is worn outside and secured with hook and loop closures. Some are worn with inserts.

The original Thirsties' diaper covers are worn with a variety of different cloth diapers. It is in effect a waterproof wrap. 

Thirsties pairs its basic diaper cover with hemp, trifold diapers. The diapers are 55% hemp and 45% cotton. The company insists its trifold diaper is more efficient than the old-fashioned cloth diapers. The Thirsties brand has antimicrobial properties and is softer with only two breathable layers rather than the eight associated with old-fashioned diapers. The company claims its diaper is more absorbent than cotton diapers while being less bulky.

Thirsties brand diapers grows with baby, like the other brands. But, the diapering system is designed in such a way that consumers only need two sizes from birth to the time baby is potty trained.

Size one accommodates babies that are 6 to eighteen pounds. Size two accommodates babies, which are 18 to 40 pounds.

Covers can be snapped closed or parents can use the hook and loop feature on the same cover. Thirsties also has an All in One Cloth Diaper. The AIO has an internal soaker and waterproof outer cover all in one diaper design. It resembles a throw away, which of course it is not.

Inserts are constructed of three layers and snapped into the outer waterproof layer. Inserts are made up of:

  • Fleece top-next to baby
  • Inner hemp layer- for absorbency
  • Outer microfiber terry

Thirsties claims consumers who use its stay dry duo insert, save $2000 over disposable brands.

Newborn diapers

Thirsties have diapers for babies as small as 6 pounds, a smaller alternative compared to Grovia, Soft Bums, and Flip. 

The diaper designed for newborns has an umbilical cord cutout, which is unique to the Thirsties brand. 

Thirsties Diaper Care

Thirsties, like the other brands, warrants its products. Also, like Soft Bums, Flips and Grovia, the company will nullify the warranty if the diapers are not laundered properly. Thirsties provides very extensive, printable, care and use instructions on its website.

Though the Thirstie website informs consumers that warranties will be void if the product is misused, there is no other warranty information available. Contact customer service to learn more on product warranties.

Thirsties only have to be washed once before use and can be machine-washed in any diaper safe detergent. The hemp products will not reach full absorbency potential until 8 wash and dry cycles, but hemp products can be used after three washings. Hemp products are to be washed separately.


Prices vary for different products.

  • Outer Duo Wrap retails at $12.75 for solids and $13.75 for prints.
  • The Dual All in One retails for $15.75 for solids and $16.75 for prints.
  • Hemp prefolds retail for $8.00 each.
  • Pack of two hemp inserts retails for $9.00

Thirsties are made in the United States and sold throughout the country in retail stores, and outlets. The Thirsties brand is also sold internationally. The Thirsties website has a store locater.

Thirsties sells other ecologically conscious products.

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